Vestibular rehab has been highly researched and has been proven treatment for vertigo and balance problems. They are very effective and irrespective of the age.

How Can The Vestibular Therapy Help You?

We will examine and help you learn about your condition and develop a customized treatment plan to improve/enhance your body’s ability to reduce or eliminate symptoms. This includes a combination of in-clinic sessions and techniques prescribed for you to work on at home.


Treatments may include maneuvers to correct vertigo, techniques to help reduce or eliminate symptoms and improve focus while moving, balance training, hands-on treatments, diet, lifestyle and at-home exercises. We may also recommend you to see a dietician or refer to a specialist if needed.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), an inner ear problem, is the most common cause of vertigo. Usually they can be normally corrected in 1-3 treatments.

Vestibular Causes Of Dizziness:

  • Head Injury, aging, lack of blood flow to the inner ear, displacement of "crystals"              Migraines can                - Structural
  • Aging                         create dizziness/            deformities
  • Lack of blood flow   vertigo (with or                 in the bone
    to the inner ear          without a headache)       that overlies
  • Displacement of      - Genetic or environ-      the inner ear
    “crystals” within         mental factors                 - Benign
    the inner ear              (exposure to certain       tumors
  • Viral infection          drugs or chemicals)

Effective Therapy

The vestibular system includes the parts of the inner ear and brain that process sensory information involved with controlling balance and eye movements. Vestibular disorders may result when these areas are damaged.